Let’s Celebrate World Culture Day May 21

The United States is a melting pot of ethnic groups and cultures with hundreds of languages being spoken across the nation. Although our country is rich in diversity, understanding and appreciating people of different cultural backgrounds continues to be a challenge. World Culture Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the diversity that makes up the fiber not only of America, but the world. It’s an opportunity to celebrate cultural differences. Here’s four ways to commemorate World Culture Day in your schools and local communities:

1.    Visit a local museum: There are tons of museums that explore the history and culture of ethnic groups. The art exhibits, films and interactive activities can be an engaging experience for all.

2.    Let food be your teacher: Trying new foods is a great way to learn about different cultures. If in a school setting, plan a world food fest. If you prefer an outing, visit a local farmer’s market or festival. Farmer’s markets typically have a diverse selection of foods from around the world. 

3.    Explore world literature: Literacy will always be a hot topic in education. Research suggests that there’s a connection between early childhood literacy and future career success. During the month of May, introduce students to new literary works–poetry, short stories, novels–written by authors from around the world. If in your community, organize a book club and discover global literature that way. 

4.    Sing and dance: What better way to celebrate diversity than through singing and dancing! Coordinate a flash mob in your neighborhood where everyone comes dressed in cultural attire. In schools, plan a dance program where students learn cultural songs and dances. Monik’s Creative Movement has partnered with schools to create World Culture Day dance programs that culminate with a finale performance for the teaching staff and parents. From Bollywood to Hula to Flamenco, these programs are a fun way to encourage exploration and creativity while learning about other cultures.

To learn more about MCM World Culture Day programs, contact us at monikscreativemovement@gmail.com

Monik Jones